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Quote  At HSE we recognize that simply having the right technology doesn't guarantee success. In order to achieve success, one must consider the PEOPLE using your systems, the DATA contained in those systems, and the organizational PROCESSES surrounding those systems. Only by considering these three elements can the right system or strategy be designed.

PEOPLE and PROCESS are as important as the DATA being collected. Understanding the level of sophistication of a client's workforce, their genuine interest in new systems and their ability to absorb change all drive how we design and implement at HSE. Understanding current PROCESS and considering new/different processes are what can bring your organization new efficiencies. Frequently our projects involve process re-engineering, given that new systems can provide new capabilities that had not been previously considered in the organization.

Finally, creating systems that store your DATA in a way that considers not just data access, but reporting and further data extensions represents a key consideration that drives HSE recommendations.

Steve Slater, HSE Inc.

Steve Slater, Principal

Mr. Slater leverages his business experience with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and small businesses to help clients achieve their business goals. Mr. Slater holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford University.

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